We report on the results of our activities, showcase region’s successes, and share our experience at international events and with peer institutions.


Showcasing the region’s successes

We always look for ways to showcase reform successes in the region through a variety of channels, such as program publications, our annual reports or publishing value creation stories narrated by our participants.

We publish them on our website under Voices.


Video learning nuggets

We make video interviews with experts highlighting key issues in thematic areas related to learning events. We also produce other video announcements and materials and publish them on our YouTube channel.


Coordinating our work

We regularly meet with our partners to inform them on what we do in the region and explore potential synergies. Our annual Advisory Board meetings gather the most important partners in one place, offering a unique opportunity to network for cooperation. In addition, we periodically meet our strategic partners on a bilateral basis.


Sharing our experience globally

We attend international events, partner with peer institutions and are members of international networks, such as learn4dev, sharing our work experience as a thematic regional knowledge hub.


Using social media, websites and other communication channels to share knowledge

With an online tool Storify we compile social media posts, relevant materials, research findings and highlights of discussions which extend the reach of our learning initiatives beyond classroom. We use social media to share information with partners about our work, interesting research findings or upcoming learning events. We also make use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

We run our own blog to disseminate information and experience with our partners on learning and knowledge exchange.

The CEF website, recently revamped, functions as a set of virtual windows on our institution and activities. We also publish a monthly electronic newsletter that informs recipients on key developments and newsworthy events. Feel free to subscribe on the homepage of our website.