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Meet the blog editors.


Kaja Jurtela


Kaja works with public accountants and auditors in South East Europe. She designs and develops learning and knowledge initiatives to engage public finance officials in regional sharing of experience and fostering reform processes. She is involved in research of learning theories and different aspects of public financial management. Her current research project focuses on fiscal transparency: how to define, measure and put it into practice at the national level.

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Ajda Turk

Ajda’s passion is to explore how people learn, and why they think and act the way they do. She sees the whole learning process as a metaphor of cooking. For a tasty meal you need to get the ingredients and also the right kitchen accessories. But for the best results the attitude of the cook is vital. She works on the CEF online learning initiatives, and is highly motivated to explore and use online learning tools, which can help learners get the best learning experience with a transformative value.





Polona Sirnik

Polona Sirnik

Polona is responsible for effective communications of the CEF. Her responsibilities include development and implementation of the CEF communication strategy and development of various corporate communication contents and materials to promote the CEF’s work and assure visibility of its activities.  She sees CEF communication activities as an important support in sharing the knowledge beyond classroom doors.





Tina Žagar

Tina Žagar

Shrinking training budgets, time constraints, rapid developments in educational technologies, and new learning generations demanding quick and on-the-go supported learning solutions are just a few trends shaping the modern learning and development industry. Tina is interested in exploring ways of turning CEF knowledge exchange initiatives into unique, fresh and sharp experiences with direct relevance and immediate practical application for public finance officials in South East Europe.