cef blog on learning celebrates its 2nd anniversary!Yes, we have been blogging regularly for the past two years and sharing with you our reflections, lessons learned along with some tips and tricks on ways we capture, package and share knowledge and experience in our constituency.

How it all started? Just before our regular meeting of the CEF coordinators and other key liaison officers in 2014 we have developed our idea of playing the role of a knowledge hub for SEE. What we also realized at that time was the need of having a tool through which we are able to capture and share our knowledge and experience as a knowledge hub. This is why we organized the blog  around three sections that represent capabilities of knowledge hubs, this is around capturing, packaging and sharing. Our idea was simple; motivate everybody to contribute to our growing body of knowledge, share this internally and externally. We wanted to capture what we know, and what we represent as a knowledge hub,  and learn from ongoing reflection exercises.

Our blog on learning  has importantly helped us enhance also our  internal communication flow. With 72% of our staff members who on a regular basis contribute content, it has helped us improve internal collaboration, engagement across teams, and has become a »to-go« resource to capitalize on experiences of others and learn from each other. It is a place where we regularly voice our experience in how we believe learning takes place and how we support others in the process.

2016 is a landmark year for CEF as we are turning 15. It has been also a busy year for our  blog on learning and we are proud to be celebrating its 2nd anniversary. It has been an exciting journey and we are commited to continue sharing with you more of our thought provoking lessons on learning.

Hereby we are giving you a quick preview of our upcoming entries:

  • Problem-driven iterative adaptation (PDIA) approach for successful reform initatives
  • Strengthening learning through blended designs
  • Peer learning initiatives


Stay tuned!


Yours blog editors,

Kaja, Polona and Tina


About Kaja Jurtela

Kaja works with public accountants and auditors in South East Europe. She designs and develops learning and knowledge initiatives to engage public finance officials in regional sharing of experience and fostering reform processes. She is involved in research of learning theories and different aspects of public financial management. Her current research project focuses on fiscal transparency: how to define, measure and put it into practice at the national level.


About Polona Sirnik

Polona is responsible for effective communications of the CEF. Her responsibilities include development and implementation of the CEF communication strategy and development of various corporate communication contents and materials to promote the CEF’s work and assure visibility of its activities. She sees CEF communication activities as an important support in sharing the knowledge beyond classroom doors.


About Tina Žagar

Shrinking training budgets, time constraints, rapid developments in educational technologies, and new learning generations demanding quick and on-the-go supported learning solutions are just a few trends shaping the modern learning and development industry. Tina is interested in exploring ways of turning CEF knowledge exchange initiatives into unique, fresh and sharp experiences with direct relevance and immediate practical application for public finance officials in South East Europe.

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2 thoughts on “WE[BLOG]

  • Nadia von Holzen

    Dear Kaja, Polona and Tina,
    Congratulations to your blog anniversary! 72% of CEF staff members contributing to your blog is impressive! How do you manage that? How do you motivate your colleagues to blog? And how are you organized in the blogging CEF to keep this bogging drive alive and natural? I’m curious to learn from you.
    Best, Nadia

    • mm
      Polona Sirnik

      Dear Nadia,
      Thank you! We aim to publish new blog post every two weeks. We speak with colleagues if they are willing to contribute anything and also suggest to them what we think would be interesting to hear from them. Once we have a topic decided we determine a deadline and so far everybody respected it. We always give people enough time, at least two months to contribute a post. With time things developed in such a way that we now have a schedule of posts made for approximately two months ahead.
      Best regards!