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We support capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe. The core of our learning program are learning events in the areas of leadership for managing reforms, public financial management (PFM), tax policy and administration, and central banking. But what else do our learners expect from us besides highly relevant topics of learning initiatives? It is the experience and long-term results that result from our approach to learning. The distinctive aspects of this approach are reflected in our 2018 learning program.


Blended learning

Based on positive experiences from last year when we implemented two blended learning initiatives, we decided to increase the number of such events in 2018. Blended learning is a combination of online learning activity and a face-to-face workshop. Mixing traditional workshops with web-based learning allows us to combine the flexibility of an online and lively interactive environment with a physical learning space. This way we expand the learning process, which starts online before the face-to-face workshop, and boost interaction among learners that get familiar with each other online before meeting in person. This approach facilitates and improves the traditional workshop. See how our partners see the blended learning initiatives.



Supporting networks

We strongly believe in networking and collaboration. For this reason we have developed the Line Ministries Portal, an online learning space for knowledge and experience exchange in PFM among officials working at finance and line ministries in South East Europe. Officials are welcome to join the community to follow the latest news and other information, and share their own experience, relevant to carrying out PFM reforms in their institution and country.


Training of trainers

In 2018, we will continue organizing training of trainers (ToT). In our opinion, ToTs have many benefits. First, participants become familiarized with the learning methodology. Second, understanding how learning works, inspires them to design and deliver knowledge sharing events in their field of expertise, either in their institutions or at (inter)national level. Third, they can become involved as promotors of regional knowledge and experience sharing or co-facilitators. See highlights from 2017 training of trainers workshop in digital story.

This year will be important for all of us, but mostly for our beneficiaries – people who attend CEF learning initiatives, be it face-to-face or online. Raising awareness of how we actually learn will further increase our support to capacity development in the region.


About Kaja Jurtela

Kaja works with public accountants and auditors in South East Europe. She designs and develops learning and knowledge initiatives to engage public finance officials in regional sharing of experience and fostering reform processes. She is involved in research of learning theories and different aspects of public financial management. Her current research project focuses on fiscal transparency: how to define, measure and put it into practice at the national level.


About Polona Sirnik

Polona is responsible for effective communications of the CEF. Her responsibilities include development and implementation of the CEF communication strategy and development of various corporate communication contents and materials to promote the CEF’s work and assure visibility of its activities. She sees CEF communication activities as an important support in sharing the knowledge beyond classroom doors.


About Ajda Turk

Ajda's passion is to explore how people learn, and why they think and act the way they do. She sees the whole learning process as a metaphor of cooking. For a tasty meal you need to get the ingredients and also the right kitchen accessories. But for the best results the attitude of the cook is vital. She works on the CEF online learning initiatives, and is highly motivated to explore and use online learning tools, which can help learners get the best learning experience with a transformative value.

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