Strengthening Learning Through Blended Designs

At the CEF, we aim to fit the best possible learning solution to the specific capacity development context. We embrace learning innovations and promote internal knowledge sharing. We have been strengthening our skills to provide different online, expert-based, collaborative and structured learning solutions. And, gradually, we have started to combine them. With the growing importance of online learning, we try out new combinations, for example, blending online with face-to-face learning.

With this blog post we want to share our initial experience with delivering a blended learning initiative from mid-May to mid-June, which addressed learning needs linked to line ministries’ budget preparation. We benefited from our earlier efforts in delivering an e-Learning Course on Budget Formulation and a Workshop on Budget Submissions of Line Ministries.







About Robert Bauchmüller

As a learner and facilitator, Robert is engaged in learning experiences on public policy analysis, public financial management and organizational changes. At the CEF, he leads the efforts in the thematic priority of budget preparation and execution, heads the collaborative learning team, and ensures the efficiency of our monitoring and evaluation processes. He is particularly interested in learning about ways of strengthening collaborative learning aspects and embracing feedback from beneficiaries, partners, and donors in our daily work.

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