Urška Zrinski


About Urška Zrinski

Urška loves learning. She passionately believes in its transformative role: in facilitating ways to do things better, different or even as a way of confirming that what is currently being practiced works well. In her work with financial management officials in South East Europe for a decade she has sought to capture their knowledge and experiences, through packaging this knowledge in the form of workshops, conferences, e-learning courses, study visits, reports, and research. She is particularly interested in the design of learning events and how best to facilitate them to meet their learning objectives. She has also been the main driver behind CEF efforts to measure and report the impact of its learning activities. She holds a PhD from the University of Ljubljana, and an MA from King’s College London, University of London. Her research focuses on international development cooperation effectiveness, cooperation modalities, and quality and use of public financial management systems.